How much will your retirement cost you?

There are several alarming statistics for retirement, here is one of them:

ONLY 10% of women are very confident in their ability to retire with a comfortable lifestyle.

Don’t be another one of the statistics! Sign up and download my Strong Retirement Club Workbook in order to:

  1. See where you stand with your retirement goals.

  2. Understand how much your lifestyle will REALLY cost you.

  3. Learn how to properly fund your life and not be a burden on your loved ones.

  4. How to retire without running out of money WHILE having a fulfilling life throughout your retirement!

Club Testimonial:

“I love the Strong Retirement Club because I get together with women who are in a similar situation knowing that I am not alone in my fears. The club is forcing my to think about my future rather than just moving forward haphazardly. All this while having fun!” Lori

Meet Jess, the Strong Retirement Club’s Founder:


“When you make decisions out of fear, you don’t get what you want.

When you feel secure about your money, you are able to make decisions out of confidence. ONLY then do you get what you truly want in life and retirement!”