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Club Testimonial: Meet Lori!

“I love the Strong Retirement Club because I get together with women who are in a similar situation as I am, knowing that I am not alone in my fears. The club is forcing me to think about my future rather than just moving forward haphazardly. All this while having fun.” Lori

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The Strong Retirement Club is a one year membership focusing on the topics of: Money, Lifestyle, Health, and Legacy Planning.

Each topic is covered by an educational webinar and followed by an interactive workshop.

We begin with ME Time: Motivation and Education where we meet virtually to learn and get inspired.

Next we meet in person to learn how to implement the information, what to start focusing on, and how to apply it to your situation.

“If you don’t make the time to do it NOW, then you will NEVER make the time to do it!” Tina

Each topic is described below:

1.       Properly Funding your Lifestyle: During this session we will help you create the lifestyle in retirement you really want. You will learn how to create structure, live with a purpose, and feel fulfilled every day. We will teach you how you can lower your overall expenses, properly budget for your living costs and unexpected costs, do a dry run of your retirement, and other strategies to set yourself up for success. 

2.       Health and Long Term Care: We will explore how to keep yourself in good health, the costs of health care during retirement, and different Long Term Care planning strategies. 

3.       Building Your Retirement Plan: What does retirement look with all of your moving parts? Find out how it all works together and get a CLEAR view of what every day will look like. During the meeting, you will learn about: income, expenses, assets, inflation, social security, pension, taxes, Required Minimum Distributions, withdrawal percentage rates, and investment returns.

4.       How to plan out your legacy, and validate your relationships with your loved ones. Whether to children, charity, or loved ones, a proper plan will give you peace while making the most of your money. How to begin planning your estate, which documents you need, and how often you need to update them will all be covered.

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“I have owned my business for almost 15 years and I love what I do. So when people with traditional jobs keep talking about how they look forward to retirement, I just didn’t get it. Sitting on the couch all day? Maybe going to Florida once in a while? Big deal, not for me. But in learning more about possibilities with my finances with Jessica, I saw another flavor of retirement. I could fill my days with fun activities and volunteering, taking classes on things I’ve always wanted to learn, getting out and socializing more. Now that’s something to look forward to! I couldn’t see how that could be my life because I had a lot of fear around finances. But Jessica is unlike most financial advisors – she is focused on educating her clients and really putting her all into helping them sculpt the life they want.  I love her enthusiasm, her warmth and caring, and how she continually shares information in a way that is not overwhelming to me. Retirement? Bring it on!” Susana