Welcome to the CLUB!

The Strong Retirement Club was created to fix the increasing need of support and knowledge for women coming into retirement. As a wealth advisor, who works with women nearing retirement or in early retirement, I've become obsessed with my client's needs and concerns. After talking with numerous women, I found a HUGE missing link with traditional financial planning and retirement. Because of this, I was on a mission to fix it!

“The Strong Retirement Club is so helpful, informative, and I finally feel like I’m not alone!” Sandra

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The club is an educational, inspiring, and communal group of women looking to take their retirement by the horns and be able to actually ENJOY their happily ever after. I know, everyone says they will love being retired. But then the HUGE concerns, fears, and questions come up, and you live everyday terrified. Terrified of spending any money, terrified of not having a paycheck, terrified of your decreasing health, and terrified of outliving your money.

You've worked so hard the past 30-40 years for your retirement. AND It's time to start enjoying life. In the club, you will be surrounded by a group of women, who will encourage and empower you!

Be a part of an inspiring group of women to build confidence, find comfort, and relate with other women going through the same transition you will be encountering in the next few years.

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“I love the Strong Retirement Club because I get together with women who are in a similar situation knowing that I am not alone in my fears. The club is forcing my to think about my future rather than just moving forward haphazardly. All this while having fun!” Lori

“Jess has built a needed process for successful retirement for women in a way that supports their lifestyle changes.  Putting the financial pieces together to support a successful retirement, along with the community to build a strong network and resources, is the perfect way for women to prepare for retirement. Women integrate money, relationships, and lifestyle in a fluid way, which Jess understands and facilitates in a thoughtful way through the Retirement Club.  Jess is committed to the women in the club and responds to what each group needs and continue to grow the possibilities!” Janet Matts, Executive Coaching